Real-Time Maps

A Collection of Maps and Charts for the Radio Amateur

May Be Used As-Is or Customized to Your Needs

Current Location of the Auroral Oval
(a useful low-bands propagation tool for determining useable signal paths)
To: POLAR Spacecraft ultraviolet image display
Grayline Display
(initially centered on N6HB, but can be set to any location and date/time)
To: Fourmi Lab, Switzerland
Infrared Satellite View of U.S.A.
(satellite footprint also covers parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean)
To: Nat'l Center for Atmospheric Research
Ionospheric Absorption
(by frequency, 5—30 MHz)
To: Solar Terrestrial Dispatch @ Stanford Univ.
Near-Real-Time MUF
(MUF = Maximum Useable Frequency)
To: Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
Solar Wind Plots
(2-hr dynamic plots are most useful for predicting geomagnetic activity)
To: Space Environment Center @ Boulder, CO
National Weather Service Maps
(Doppler Radar display, by region)
To: NWS Maps
World Wide Seismic Activity
(interactive world map)
To: U.S. Geological Survey

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